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GoogleX Solar-powered balloons - the future of the internet?

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Fifty seven percent of the world’s population currently has no access to the internet. Google are planning to launch a fleet of solar-powered balloons, containing wireless routers, to hover at altitude and provide internet to remote and rural areas of the world that are not currently on-line, and offer the security of a stable internet service in the event of natural disasters.

Global focus on renewable energy for the future

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A new report from the International Energy Agency has shown that in 2014 over half the world’s new power generation plants were for renewable energy. This suggests that renewable energy choices such as solar, wind and biomass power plants are becoming a more popular option for nations looking to increase their power generation.

Bridgestone world solar challenge

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18-25th October 2015 saw a 3000km race across the outback in Australia where cars created by 46 teams across the world competed, powered solely from the sun.