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New technologies for controlling carbon dioxide levels in the battle against global warming

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Scientists continue to produce more and more evidence showing both the dangers of global warming, and its link to our continued over-production of carbon dioxide. This article examines exciting new research that demonstrates methods being developed to safely capture excess carbon dioxide, which - together with a shift to renewable energy - could help in our battle against global warming.

Developing solar panels that use raindrops to generate power

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We continue to enjoy huge advances in solar PV panel and renewable energy storage technology. Scientists in China have recently demonstrated that solar cells coated with graphene can harness rain to generate electricity in the absence of sunlight. Development of these into solar panels that work in the absence of sunlight, may provide an even more effective alternative to fossil fuels for people in the UK, and other rainy parts of the world.

Buckinghamshire is starting to turn rubbish into power

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Buried waste in our landfill sites decomposes anaerobically to generate methane which is 23 times more damaging for the environment than CO2. The UK is starting to find alternatives to landfill in order to meet our emissions targets. Buckinghamshire has now started to process some of its rubbish to generate electricity that can be fed back into the grid.

GoogleX Solar-powered balloons - the future of the internet?

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Fifty seven percent of the world’s population currently has no access to the internet. Google are planning to launch a fleet of solar-powered balloons, containing wireless routers, to hover at altitude and provide internet to remote and rural areas of the world that are not currently on-line, and offer the security of a stable internet service in the event of natural disasters.

Thin-Film Solar Panels

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At SolaSave we survey a range of properties for customers who are interested in solar installation. Some of the properties we see are more shaded from the sun. In many of these cases we have successfully installed innovative “CIS thin-film” solar panels. This panel technology significantly overcomes the decreased annual energy yields of conventional silicon solar panels for shaded properties and provides supplies of solar power that our customers are delighted with.

Can lithium revolutionise the way we harness energy?

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Techniques for purifying lithium and for optimising its effectiveness in batteries means that lithium is a valuable commodity that could revolutionise the way that we harness renewable energy in the future. This may bypass our need for fossil fuels.