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Buckinghamshire is starting to turn rubbish into power

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Buried waste in our landfill sites decomposes anaerobically to generate methane which is 23 times more damaging for the environment than CO2. The UK is starting to find alternatives to landfill in order to meet our emissions targets. Buckinghamshire has now started to process some of its rubbish to generate electricity that can be fed back into the grid.

Global focus on renewable energy for the future

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A new report from the International Energy Agency has shown that in 2014 over half the world’s new power generation plants were for renewable energy. This suggests that renewable energy choices such as solar, wind and biomass power plants are becoming a more popular option for nations looking to increase their power generation.

Can we store energy generated from our solar panels?

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Currently in the UK owners of homes with solar panels can save money on their electricity and can sell surplus power back to the national grid, using a solar feed-in tariff. Customers can then buy back electricity when needed. Legislation may be changing in 2016 as the government are proposing an 87% decrease in solar power feed-in tariffs.