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Developing solar panels that use raindrops to generate power

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We continue to enjoy huge advances in solar PV panel and renewable energy storage technology. Scientists in China have recently demonstrated that solar cells coated with graphene can harness rain to generate electricity in the absence of sunlight. Development of these into solar panels that work in the absence of sunlight, may provide an even more effective alternative to fossil fuels for people in the UK, and other rainy parts of the world.

Feed-in Tariff deadline

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People interested in switching to solar panels have until 14th January 2016 to complete their applications, in order to benefit from the current feed-in tariff scheme.

Solar panel storage in 50% of Australian homes by 2020

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The Climate Council have suggested that due to the development of cheaper batteries with higher storage capacity, 50% of homes in Australia could be powered by solar panels by 2020. Many battery companies are focused on marketing their products in Australia with one leader Tesla aiming to have their batteries in Australia homes by the end of 2015.

Can we store energy generated from our solar panels?

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Currently in the UK owners of homes with solar panels can save money on their electricity and can sell surplus power back to the national grid, using a solar feed-in tariff. Customers can then buy back electricity when needed. Legislation may be changing in 2016 as the government are proposing an 87% decrease in solar power feed-in tariffs.