Blog: Articles posted in October 2015

Can lithium revolutionise the way we harness energy?

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Techniques for purifying lithium and for optimising its effectiveness in batteries means that lithium is a valuable commodity that could revolutionise the way that we harness renewable energy in the future. This may bypass our need for fossil fuels.

Britain 2020 – renewable energy target

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The British government has been warned that it is not on track to meet its target of 15% of the UK's energy to come from renewables by 2020. This comes as the government is set to cut its subsidies for renewable energy and could result in legal action.

Solar panel storage in 50% of Australian homes by 2020

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The Climate Council have suggested that due to the development of cheaper batteries with higher storage capacity, 50% of homes in Australia could be powered by solar panels by 2020. Many battery companies are focused on marketing their products in Australia with one leader Tesla aiming to have their batteries in Australia homes by the end of 2015.