Feed-in Tariff deadline

Feed-in tariff rates are changing in 2016. On 17th December 2015 the UK Government's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published their new tariff, which will drop by 65% from the existing rate.

People interested in switching to solar panels have until 14th January 2016 to complete their applications, in order to benefit from the current feed-in tariff scheme.

Thanks to the feed-in tariff scheme more than 750000 homes in the UK generate their own power. Existing installations will NOT be affected by any changes.

There has been wide criticism of the Government’s policy change following on from the climate talks in Paris last month where the UK committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, meaning their continued effort to move away from fossil fuels.

A positive for the solar industry is that the cost of solar panels is reducing every year making them a more affordable option despite the reduction in the Feed-in tariff. Whether it is enough to encourage people to continue to move to solar technology – when the savings on bills will be reduced from around £600 to £300 – will become clear in the coming months.