In the following pages we describe some of the most popular accessories that can will enrich your experience and maximise the benefits of your solar system. These are very cost effective options which can be included as part of your solar system design and may be added to your existing system.

ImmerSUN proportional immersion controller


Combining an immersion controller with PV enables the system to maximise 'self-consumption'. This is a similar concept to the battery PV system but rather than diverting surplus energy to a battery pack, this provides a means of diverting it to your immersion heater instead.

Consuming the energy you generate is the most cost effective and efficient use of a PV system. The immerSUN will enable you to make savings on your gas bill using free energy that would otherwise be exported to the grid. This is a true 'win-win' situation, using free electricity to pre-heat your water.

How does it work?

The majority of PV systems export up to 70% of the electricity they generate back to the grid.


With the immerSUN, you could be looking at using 100% of the available electricity and still get paid for the 50% deemed export rate, and all this is done while you are out of the house!

The immerSUN monitors the surplus electricity that is being generated from the PV system after accounting for the household consumption. The spare (free) electricity is sent to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder. Any amount up to 3kW will be diverted in this way.


If the load from the house increases, eg. the washing machine is turned on, the immerSUN will automatically reduce the amount of power sent to heat the hot water.

This will result in hugely reduced energy bills and could mean the house boiler remains off¬ throughout the warmer months.

Further information

You can read further information on the ImmerSUN website or contact one of our surveyors on our freephone number 01494 438 054 or email

Wattson Solar Plus


Having installed your PV system, you want to know that it's performing as it should and when it's generating a good level of energy, it's good to know that's the time to run those important tasks such as washing, dishwasher and boiling the kettle.

SolaSave provide a number of options to monitor the performance of your system and be aware of how much electricity you are generating and consuming.

Many inverter manufacturers provide a monitor of sorts which can let you know what the system is generating. These can vary from a desktop monitor to web-based online monitoring.

The Wattson is an independent monitor compatible with any PV installation. It is the only display that shows Generation and Usage on the same display and is inverter-independent so works with all Solar PV systems.

Main features:

  • Displays electricity generation and usage
  • Inverter independent compatible with all inverter brands
  • Shows when free electricity is available
  • Easy to use

Wattson Solar Plus alerts you when you are generating more than using by glowing green - maximising the returns on your PV system. The display shows in Watts, £ or Carbon Saved the electricity generated and in use.


Wattson Solar Plus lets you follow your generation from the comfort of your living room. It also comes with software to track your figures over time, and spot when something is wrong with your system

Further information

You can read further information on the manufacturers website or contact one of our surveyors on our freephone number 01494 438 054 or email

Voltage Optimisation


UK household appliances are designed to work on a range of voltages, typically 207V to 253V to ensure compatibility in the UK and throughout Europe. The UK grid voltage tends to be at the higher end of this range (around 245V) and so many of your appliances are using more energy. This results in higher energy costs and shorter product life of your appliances.

By installing a voltage optimiser, this waste of energy and cost can be avoided and at the same time, you'll be cutting your carbon emissions.

How does it work?

The voltage optimiser reduces and stabilises the voltage at the property to 220V, well within statutory limits but less than the 245V that is usually supplied in the UK.

This eliminates 'over voltage', which is a costly and unnecessary waste of energy and ensures many electrical appliances use less electricity and cost less to run.

As a result homeowners can achieve immediate and significant energy savings for the whole home with a single voltage optimiser fitted at the consumer unit (fuse box). Based on manufacturers back to back tests, on appliances such as fridges and freezers a voltage optimiser can deliver a massive saving of up to 17% on your electricity bill. The voltage optimiser will deliver savings on lighting, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, televisions and a whole range of other electrical appliances.

Further information

For further information on voltage optimisation, contact one of our surveyors on our freephone number 01494 438 054 or email